'Debt may be incurred' through working from home

21 May 2010

People who take up working from home offers found via newspaper adverts and online could be placing themselves at risk of future debt.

A new study from Which? Money Quarterly has found that applying for such job vacancies could cost individuals over £7,000.

Experts from the magazine monitored 13 adverts in national publications and ten on the internet.

They discovered many of the offers require an upfront fee for more information or training, none of them proposed a recognisable salary, it is almost impossible to earn the amount they claim is on offer and the vacancies often failed to match the description in the advert.

James Daley, editor in chief of the organisation, commented: "Hundreds of thousands of people could be wasting money looking for work in these difficult times. If a job offer sounds too good to be true, then it probably is."

President of R3 Peter Law recently stated that unemployment can act as a common catalyst towards personal insolvency.

By Joe Shervin

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