Debt Management Plans

Debt Management consolidates debt into one low affordable payment.

A Debt Management Plan (DMP) allows you to deal with your unsecured debt by making repayments you can realistically afford once you have met your living expenses.

IVA Debt Solutions

Write off the debt you can't afford with a ClearDebt IVA.

An Individual Voluntary Arrangement (IVA) is a formal agreement between you and your creditors whereby you repay what you can afford, usually over 60 months. After which, the outstanding debt is written off.


Bankruptcy is for individuals with debts that they cannot pay.

Bankruptcy has restrictions and is often the last resort. Bankruptcy is usually applied when no alternative debt solution can be offered to your creditors.

Debt Relief Order

Debt Relief Orders are a way to deal with your debts if you have little or no assets and debts under £20,000.

A Debt Relief Order is a formal insolvency process which lasts for a period of 12 months, at the end of which the debt owed will be written off.

Debt news & advice

  • 12 May

    Millennials suffering the most from inflation

    The Millennial generation is suffering more from inflationary pressures than any other, analysis from the first of Fidelity International’s generational inflation series has shown.

  • 28 Apr

    Essential spending decline slowed in March

    Essential spending across the UK fell once again in March. However, the reduction was at a much slower pace than has been seen in recent months, according to the latest Spending Power Report from Lloyds Bank.

  • 26 Apr

    Self-employed pension pay-ins at 'critical' levels

    Pension scheme memberships have increased in the last four years by over five million among employees. This is due to the auto-enrolment into workplace pensions. However, pension scheme enrolment among the self-employed is falling into crisis levels.


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